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 The Tides of Life  tide /tīd/ Learn to pronounce noun noun: tide; plural noun: tides the alternate rising and falling of the sea, usually twice in each lunar day at a particular place, due to the attraction of the moon and sun. The tides of Life flow endlessly for better or worse - to rise and fall - to live to die. The current hurls the tide. It is the currents function to move, to throw, to float, to create and the tide to lift the sea. Mother Nature has her function and it is always fulfilled. The Sea, void of tide and current is an abyss of stillness and would be a horizon of glass. It sometimes looks that way! That’s when we dive in and lift the weight of gravity off our shoulders! Hopefully swim with some sea turtles. How cool that we oppose a universal law - Gravity - in the ocean!? Gravity doesn’t go anywhere. It still has its hold on the Universe. It just simply doesn’t control us to the degree it does on land! Suhhh hahhh dude. Okay, back on script. Ocean void of tide; remem
  Truly letting Go Abandoning yourself to the stream of life - A radical trust-fall into the hand as of the Universe. The Mighty Rhythm that underly all. You know the song right? “He’s got the whole world in His Hands. He’s got the whole world in His Hands.” Cute jingle right? I can hear you scoff! “Yeah Scott, that’s cute for a child. But life ain’t like that. It’s cold, rough and tough; mostly tragic. That childlike faith doesn’t apply to ME.” Okay. May I ask, why not? Why can’t it be simple? Why can’t it be found in truly letting go? Why must we make it complex? Why cant we let it come and let it go? Take a moment. Stop reading. Ask “why”. If you’re honest with yourself you may have answered “I don’t know”. GOOD! That is the first realization upon which every other wall of your spiritual structure will be built. That’s why God/Life/Universe etc Begs us to stop F**%^&$# resisting and LET GO. A word from Mr Joseph Campbell:  “We must be willing to let go of the life we have planne
Keep the wolves at bay There comes a time when we must stand and fight. Once more into the Fray. The last fight I will ever know. There is a pivotal point in a man’s life where he must look into the face of his predator and walk straight towards him with the same rapacious nature. Sometimes he must embody that which seeks to destroy him. If you haven’t seen ‘The Grey’ with Liam Neeson; you need to. * Spoilers Alert*       Below is the last scene of the movie. The plot... Liam and a group of others are stranded in the wilderness whilst getting tracked by wolves. The wolves eventually flank Liam into their Den. Realizing this, Liam begins to embody the predator. He nods to the evil he is facing. There is no one coming to save him. No where else to flee. He accepts his fate. He gets pissed! Liam then tapes broken airplane bottles into his fist and a blade taped into his other. He looks deep into the eyes of the Alpha. The shot then cuts to a close up of Neeson’s eyes. The last couple seco

The Hideous Four Horseman

 Terror Bewilderment Frustration and Despair The four  pillars of collision . Let us bring these Horseman to life. They gallop upon us with rapacious intent. I open the gate tp these predators. I scream and cry of the misfortune i've brought myself. What have I done to deserve this?! I the bewildered one. Why? I must suspend the question of "why?" and face the fact of these Horsemen. See, asking the question of "why?" will NEVER give me the answer. I must accept the reality of being surrounded by the hideous four horseman. If I desire freedom I must look into the black abyss thier hooded faces carry. Resistance will be fatal. "All the Heavens, All the Hells and Gods are within you." Joseph Campbell These Horseman are the Evil within me. It takes courage and grit to be willing to look into the darkest, most repressed parts of our psyche. We become dangerous when we resist and deny the evil within us. The Horsemen are powerful overwhelming forces with