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Truly letting Go

Abandoning yourself to the stream of life - A radical trust-fall into the hand as of the Universe. The Mighty Rhythm that underly all. You know the song right? “He’s got the whole world in His Hands. He’s got the whole world in His Hands.” Cute jingle right? I can hear you scoff! “Yeah Scott, that’s cute for a child. But life ain’t like that. It’s cold, rough and tough; mostly tragic. That childlike faith doesn’t apply to ME.” Okay. May I ask, why not? Why can’t it be simple? Why can’t it be found in truly letting go? Why must we make it complex? Why cant we let it come and let it go? Take a moment. Stop reading. Ask “why”.

If you’re honest with yourself you may have answered “I don’t know”. GOOD! That is the first realization upon which every other wall of your spiritual structure will be built. That’s why God/Life/Universe etc Begs us to stop F**%^&$# resisting and LET GO. A word from Mr Joseph Campbell: 

“We must be willing to let go of the life we have planned in order to receive the Life that is waiting for us.”


This - among a few others - is my life quote! I encourage you to find a life quote to write on the tablet of your heart. It keeps me grounded. It gives me a baseline to drift upon. I want you to take look at your life right now. Step back and look at the blessings. Can you see it? Good. Me too. That very life that you’re standing on is PROOF that God is going before you; preparing your way. Your Spirit begs you to step into that. “Let your soul and Spirit fly into the mystic” says Van Morrison! Conceiving to your innermost self that you simply “don’t know shit” is the catalyst to truly letting go. Letting go of the twisted parts of your character that cause you harm, letting go of self-condemnation, setting fire to all your rigid plans and designs. Find your fucking breath. Stop. Breath. Watch it and feel its effortless intelligent purpose. That my friends is what we want to trust-fall into. All the intelligence to live a life of freedom and joy is there. It is taking care of you every moment. We need to step back and witness it. We must become smitten by its love for us. Then finally we must let go and let its love do its thing! Finally, inescapably to belief will come that the Spirit of God moves in mysterious ways! Our job is to learn how His Spirit moves and grooves within our life and fall into that Spirit! Yahuurd? 


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The most frightening moment is when you see – with sober eyes - how your addiction struck terror into the hearts of your loved ones. Mother smiles. Her warm joy dances on her face like sunlight. Father’s nod of approval jolts glee into his walk. Behind Mother’s smile and beneath Father’s strut is terror. Unadulterated fear. Attending to a sober life, repairing the damages done, paying the money back; making our own way on our own feet is good, indeed. However, the stark reality: the harm we’ve wrought upon others – spiritually, emotionally, and physically – we are scarcely aware.  Years ago, an old sponsor said to me:  “I’ll probably never be aware of the full measure of my wrongs done others. If I knew, I may not be able to bare it.” How appallingly true. Most loved ones  remained petrified for years after the addict recovers. This diseases affects loved ones at a cellular level. The disease takes its toll in active addiction, during convalescence and well after recovery

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