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Our Story ~ The Thought Came

It just came. It was my first treatment center in South Florida. I say “first” because I was to shuffle between many more after my discharge. I was standing in the “Med Line” at said treatment center – I have no clue what sparked this thought – however, the thought came. “Wouldn’t it be cool if we had t-shirts that carried a spiritual message?” Not the corny recovery slogan bullshit that you see in A.A. halls. A message that you have to ponder. A design that everyone will wear. Simply spiritual. Open to all denominations. Never exclusive. I imagined a white T-shirt. The bottom half of the shirt design would be blue ocean water carrying a silhouette of a diver. Hugging the crew neck – congruent with the curve of the neck – on the front of the shirt would read “DIVE DEEP.” Across the back of the neck would read “WITHIN YOURSELF.” Neat right!? Haha. Looking back, my inner critic screams “corny!” The critic can be very loud sometimes. I digress. The thought came. The seed was pla