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Dorian in the Mind

Dorian makes its way toward Florida's East Coast. Stress grapples the air. I am reminded of the acute feeling of powerlessness. I once heard a Pastor remark that "the world is broken by sin". Let's consider that sin is merely falling short of a chosen ideal; naturally evil trickles down this scale. As he made this statement he went on to say that the natural disasters we face is a result of the collision of sin. Interesting perspective right? Whether we agree or not - Dorian dances on the sea. Dorian moves with impunity and we stand threatened.  Yes, we will be okay. A metaphor if I may... I have been my own Dorian for many many years insisting there was little I could do. The mind is the most marvelous mechanism. It can assist you in creating the most self-inflicted turmoil one could ever experience or lead you to absolute freedom. In my experience the spiritual and emotional turmoil has to come before emotional sobriety. I move at the speed of pain! Sober o