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Our Story ~ The Thought Came

It just came. It was my first treatment center in South Florida. I say “first” because I was to shuffle between many more after my discharge. I was standing in the “Med Line” at said treatment center – I have no clue what sparked this thought – however, the thought came. “Wouldn’t it be cool if we had t-shirts that carried a spiritual message?” Not the corny recovery slogan bullshit that you see in A.A. halls. A message that you have to ponder. A design that everyone will wear. Simply spiritual. Open to all denominations. Never exclusive. I imagined a white T-shirt. The bottom half of the shirt design would be blue ocean water carrying a silhouette of a diver. Hugging the crew neck – congruent with the curve of the neck – on the front of the shirt would read “DIVE DEEP.” Across the back of the neck would read “WITHIN YOURSELF.” Neat right!? Haha. Looking back, my inner critic screams “corny!” The critic can be very loud sometimes. I digress. The thought came. The seed was planted. Before taking root, I was to know a couple more years of absolute addict torture, self-inflicted destruction, pain, misery, scars and evenly distributed harm for all those that love me. Oh and by the way, under the insane grip of this disease, these consequences were a small price to pay for what drugs and alcohol did for me (the illusion of relief). Those afflicted will understand.

Fast forward through the horror stories. Here I am spit out in the middle of the program of recovery yet again; I’ve been tumbling around in the rooms since 19 years of age – I’m 30 now. Overnight everything seemed to change. I always thought you could communicate surrender. Simply, you cannot. This verb is ineffable. I began to wake with the conviction that I was going to be okay. Three days in a row this thought rose with me. It was my morning companion. In prior experience I was always trying to make myself “okay”. Now was different. I was okay. By the Grace of God this conviction has never left. With this new found clarity my thought-life commenced to change rapidly. A zeal for life galloped with me through my days. It sat with me for quite nights. I didn’t have a TV for 2 years! Otherwise, I would’ve been watching The Office on repeat; just an FYI. The t-shirt thing popped up again within my first 30 days sober. I had forgotten all about it. Cleary, it was blotted out by active addiction. It was a fun idea. I began seeing ideas everywhere. Everywhere! The “notes” app on my phone was rapidly filled with design ideas. I’ve been enthralled by spiritual literature since first exposed to recovery. Readings of Emmet Fox, James Allen, Rick Warren, Don Miguel Ruiz, Viktor Frankl, Carl Jung, DanMilman, Neale Donald Walsch, Scripture etc. There are many helpful books.  

Knee deep in the pages mentioned; ideas would take hold.

From the Grave Clothing Company was born in January 2015 and launched publicly July 7th 2018. It’s important to note I have zero business experience. I have zero experience running a company. Yet, the idea came. Inspired by God I believe. I said “okay, let’s do it.” My only task is to follow the conviction. What’s the brand about? Scroll through your Facebook or Instagram right now and I guarantee 80% of your feed is inspirational quotes. What happens? The quotes get a like. On to another. Why are we so drawn to the fluffy, feel good, inspirational quotes? Why do they touch every human? A proper question: do we merely “post it” or live it? So I say, why confine this inspiration to a thumbnail you can swipe away as fast as you can double tap it? I want a bad ass message woven into threads that drape the shoulders of all that would walk it out! The purpose? For someone to say, “that’s a dope shirt. What do the numbers mean? Or who is that? What does FTG mean? Builder of Thoughts? Continue to Fight?”

 From the Grave aspires to be the catalyst of thoughts that hold depth and weight. We yearn to propel thoughts and actions that chip away all the bullshit that keeps us from living a life of freedom from the grave. We want all people to WEAR SOMETHING THAT MATTERS

Above all, we want to be a conduit for helping others. This central aim will never leave. This ensures movement. Movement that will undoubtedly take proper form when motive stays pure. At first we wanted to float 10% of all profit to a non-profit whose mission mirrored ours. This has changed. We are currently screening properties to set up a sober living house. We are finding that our company funds will be of maximum usefulness kept under the same umbrella, allowing us to be more hands on. We are not certain how long it will take to open a sober living house. The old idea of immediate gratification must be suspended in the past if we are able to move forward with poise and sound judgment.

The woven threads of this company has brought passion into my life. Passion I didn’t realize had slipped through my fingers. The support is undying. The community continues to grow. Much like surrender, I cannot put into words how much this means to us. We are beyond excited to see what each days holds for FTG. Each day that we are able to send a package to a customer, we are ensured that God – the Mighty Rhythm that underlay all – is living, moving and breathing life into and through the company. That moment, that realization, that belief is the gift. We are forever grateful. Thank you.


Scott Russell is a recovering addict who has experienced his share of torture under the weight of the disease of addiction. He’s passionate about sharing hope through writing about his experience. Scott is the founder and CEO of From The Grave Clothing, Co.. His aim is to bring spirituality to the front lines via clothing. 


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