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I first stumbled upon the term “Mental Equivalent” while reading Emmet Fox. Sounds trippy right? However, it’s simple. Mental equivalent merely means “reflection”. You can’t have one type of mind and a different type of an environment. Insert Proverbs 27:19 “As water reflects the face so ones life reflects the heart”. I always think of Lion King when Simba leans over a puddle to embrace his reflection in the water. You simply can’t not see your reflection if you lean over a body of water (given the sun is in the right place and all that jazz, you get the picture). We could say this is a Universal Law. Enter the afflicted addict/alcoholic; no wonder the circumstances of our lives characterize absolute destruction! Our minds are a living war. Utter insanity is our lot. But for the Grace of God we are set free. The obsession lifts. Sobriety begins to string itself together. No longer able to turn to the poison of drugs and alcohol our problems become acute. Thoughts can be a bit frightening. Especially, when the addict realizes that his/her mind is out to kill them. If the mind has its way it will walk us back into the darkness from which we clawed. At this point, hopefully, the afflicted will be sold on the spiritual way of life. He or she will assume the responsibility of their spiritual conditioning; thought-life included. We take up our tools and walk with purpose. We are ready for reconstruction. We are ready to become a Builder of Thoughts. We’ve seen our reflection in the water. The conviction comes; “it’s on me. It always has been. It always will be. What then, am I going to do about it?” The Power of God allows us to get involved with our lives, with our thoughts, with our words and with our deeds. Our experience up to this juncture has been in demolition. We are shown that we are much more. We are Builders; we are Carpenters. Following the dictates of the Divine Architect.

                                                                                                    On the Shirt:

- The 27 19 stands for Proverbs 27:19 “As water reflects the face so ones life reflects the heart.” 
- The mirror image of the design is to embody this reflection or ‘mental equivalent’ as Mr. Fox likes to say
The spikes driven through the skull are railroad spikes. Railroad spikes were used to build the endless railroad tracks across our nation. Without this piece of hardware the building of them wouldn’t of taken place. This symbolizes our willingness, patience and labor to BUILD.


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