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 The Tides of Life 

noun: tide; plural noun: tides
  1. the alternate rising and falling of the sea, usually twice in each lunar day at a particular place, due to the attraction of the moon and sun.

The tides of Life flow endlessly for better or worse - to rise and fall - to live to die. The current hurls the tide. It is the currents function to move, to throw, to float, to create and the tide to lift the sea. Mother Nature has her function and it is always fulfilled. The Sea, void of tide and current is an abyss of stillness and would be a horizon of glass. It sometimes looks that way! That’s when we dive in and lift the weight of gravity off our shoulders! Hopefully swim with some sea turtles. How cool that we oppose a universal law - Gravity - in the ocean!? Gravity doesn’t go anywhere. It still has its hold on the Universe. It just simply doesn’t control us to the degree it does on land! Suhhh hahhh dude. Okay, back on script. Ocean void of tide; remember? K cool. The tide and current lift the sea and the result is a gnarly wave bruh! Now, the best description of Ego I’ve ever heard is this: The Ego is like a wave of the ocean thinking it is separate from its source. Imagine being lifted up above sea level hurling above your Source, experiencing yourself in a new light, in a new movement, a renewed sense of awe and wonder and saying “yeah this is ALL ME”! How silly! It was our Source that gave us wings - not to be confused with Red Bull. Unbeknown to us we separate ourselves from the greatest gift we’ll ever know; the current of Bliss, the tide of Self. How silly and devious the Egoic Mind is! 

The solution? Enter The Paddle Board! AKA “Spiritual Practice” i.e. Meditation, prayer, self-examination, Yoga etc The Board itself is the PRACTICE. The Paddle is the AWARENESS. Awareness is a byproduct of the practice. Thus, we get to float the surface, paddle the tide, feel the mysterious drift of the current and surf the Ego! AWARENESS GIVES US PERMISSION TO HAVE FUN WITH THE SILLY EGOIC MIND! So, don’t struggle. Awareness comes in the absence of struggle. Dedicate yourself to spiritual practice. Paddle with awareness and gain some damn perspective on yourself bruhhhhh!


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